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ill titleChesapeake and Delaware Canal

When they built the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, they dug up previously unexposed cretaceous formations. All along the north side of the canal are piles of sand and gravel left over from digging this monstrous ditch. The sand piles contain fossils including bullet-shaped, amber-colored belemnoids (Belemnitella americana), the "skeletons" of squid. Other fossils include a bivalve called Exogyra. I've heard that some small dinosaur bones can be found, but I've never seen one.

Directions: Take Rt 95 to 202/141 south. Follow 202/141 south of New Castle and take Rt 9 south. In Delaware City, just after the bridge that crosses the small waterway turn right onto the small access road. If you cross the C&D canal, you've missed your turn. Take this road past the State park, to the north bank of the canal. Turn left at the end of the road and go under the bridge. Take the left after the bridge up a small hill. You can park anywhere, so find a good sand pile and park there.

Fossiliferous Formations: Mount Laurel. Note: Because the fossils have been dug and dumped, they are not in their original matrix.

C&D Canal Map